Edit Shop.

We specialise in digital editing and work with professional photographers from all over the world. Our work is customised to suit your business and aesthetic. We work with you closely to ensure we’re getting the best results for both you and your client

Benefits of using Edit Shop.


spend more time on other areas of your business and downtime away from the computer


all jobs are edited with a frame by frame process resulting in consistent beautiful imagery every time


we understand files, so your work really is in good hands! As a team of professional digital and film photographers, we understand light and colour and we’re technically skilled and experienced to bring it all together

Your own Style.

our processing is customised to suit your aesthetic and preferences. We’ll work together to create a unique style guide for all future work and this attention to detail ensures visual consistency across your brand

What is included in Edit shop edits.

Temperature & Tint

  • Exposure

  • Contrast

  • Highlight Recovery

  • Shadows / Fill Light

  • White / Black Clipping

  • Tone Curve Adjustments

  • Noise Reduction

  • Basic Spot Removal

  • Basic Dodging / Burning (as per instructed by you)

  • Cropping

  • Straightening

  • Sharpening (to your specs)

Make your own tones.


Make your own tones is a bespoke product creation service that offers a set of completely distinctive and personalized grading tools for Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, giving you tones that are uniquely yours.

As the photography industry grows and expands to make room for more and more newcomers, it becomes even more important to photographers that they have their own “signature look” to set them apart from the crowd – an individual handwriting, a recognizable style, a color palette that establishes their brand identity and is unique to their own work.

Many professional photographers strive for consistency in their post processing style, but are frustrated by products that are not versatile enough to apply cohesively throughout a session, across multiple different lighting situations or across both film and digital mediums. This may result in many hours of work in Photoshop, which costs the photographer time that they could otherwise invest more creatively..

You can expect several benefits from this service. The professional consultation will help you identify your style, taking into account your unique shooting preferences and environments, and help you to choose the look that complements your brand. You’re involved in the design process from start to finish. You will receive individually designed and completely unique products created to your specifications. Every product has pro level color grading and is crafted for versatility, consistency and cohesive colors.